Our Purpose, Our Pledge

Our Pledge, Our Purpose

  • We believe food should be good — and good for you.
  • We believe food is a sacred gift.
  • We believe our health and well-being is best served with whole foods, minimally processed, free of chemicals and artificial preservatives.
  • We believe quantity should not come at the expense of quality.
  • We believe food, animals and the land should be managed using sustainable, humane practices that promote the long-term health of rural families and communities.
  • We believe food should be produced as close to our tables as possible by people who love the soil and care for the land.
  • We believe the people who produce our food should earn a just income.

For more about how Callicrate Beef is raised, harvested and distributed please visit:

Step 1: www.CallicrateCattleCo.com – The Ranch
Step 2: www.MobileMeatProcessing.com – The Harvest Unit
Step 3: www.RanchFoodsDirect.com – The Processing Plant
Step 4: Our Beef, Callicrate Beef!

Every part of our “pasture-to-plate” process is open, from the ranch to Ranch Foods Direct, you are welcome to visit anytime.

It’s not what we do that makes our beef so good, it’s what we don’t do!

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